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Holiday Lighting FAQ

Shine Holiday Lighting FAQ’s

Can you install my lights?

We don’t install customer-provided lights. We provide the Christmas lights offered in our holiday lighting programs.

Do you offer long-term contracts?

There is no long-term contract. Our contracts are annual agreements. However, since we know you will love our holiday lighting service so much, we can give you the same pricing for years to come!

How does the pricing work?

The cost for your first year covers the materials and the labor while the cost for the following years covers only labor and replacements when needed.

What is included in the cost of materials?

The lights, the fasteners (if roof lights are being installed), the extension cords, timers, etc.

What is included in the cost of labor?

The cost of labor covers the initial creation process when your package is being prepared in our warehouse. Here, our holiday lighting specialists custom-cut roof lights and other decorations to fit your property. The cost of labor also covers light installation and any maintenance needed throughout the season. The final task covered in our labor costs includes our end-of-season take-down services.

What areas can you decorate with lights?

We can decorate your roof, trees, bushes, and provide lighted garlands and wreaths.

What colors of product do you have available?

We can do Christmas lights of just about any color!

Is there a warranty?

We warranty our lights for three holiday lighting seasons.

What should I know when researching holiday lighting companies?

First, you want to ensure the company is adequately insured to install Christmas lights and that the liability insurance would cover any job site injuries or damage to the property. Second, you want to read the reviews. There are a lot of companies out there that do lights cheaply and ones that do not account for all the labor necessary. If they don’t show up to take your lights down at the end of the season you may be left with Christmas lights until July! You also want to make sure they are a trusted, local company.