Grand Haven

How We Came To Grand Haven, MI

Grand Haven City Sign

Shine of Holland serves residential and commercial from a small cottage on Spring Lake to the big Grand Haven Court House!

Not long after we opened our shop in Zeeland in 1998, we had customers calling requesting window cleaning in Grand Haven. As we weren't current advertising in the Grand Haven area, we would ask the customer how they heard about us. It typically was by a referral from a customer located in the Zeeland or Holland area. This is when we found out how long a "word-of-mouth" referral can travel - and the importance of doing good quality work!

We are 100% committed to giving the best quality work in West Michigan whether is pressure washing, gutter cleaning, or window washing in Grand Haven. We are determined to leave you excited for the next time we come. By doing so, we receive many referrals. Quite often, after we service a house, another member of the family will call requesting window cleaning. The following season we will service another family member and before long we are doing the entire family!

Ask family and friends about us to see if they have tried us or check the "WHY SHINE?" tab for testimonials from people you may know!

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