Screen Oxidation

How to Safely Remove Window Screen Burn and Oxidation from Glass

If you've been wondering why your windows just can't seem to get clean, you might need to look just past the glass. Certain types of window screens can impede the view – and keep you from showing off your beautiful, clean windows.

Signs of Window and Screen Oxidation

Look closely at your windows – do you see a haze that looks more like trapped moisture (there may be water droplets) or a hatched, screen-like pattern?undefined

If you see window fog that contains moisture droplets, you may be dealing with a broken seal that's allowed moisture into the panes. Broken seals often necessitate a window replacement.

If the "dirt" you are seeing is a white or gray haze matches the pattern of your screen, you're likely dealing with what's known as screen burn. Depending on the level of damage, a Shine Window Care may be able to help you reverse or halt screen oxidation.

Window screen burn often occurs on older homes that have metal mesh screens. This mesh is typically set into a lightweight aluminum frame. When this metal mesh is exposed to the elements day after day, it can begin to oxidize. An oxidizing metal screen will often have a whitish cast. As this buildup starts to clog your screen, it can begin to impede visibility.

Over time, screen oxidation buildup will transfer onto window glass. Once it comes into contact with glass, the oxidation residue begins to slowly etch its way into the panes, creating permanent damage.

Water speeds up the screen oxidation process. While it's impossible to avoid rainfall on your screens, you can help to minimize additional damage by keeping sprinkler and garden hose spray away from window screens. Removing and storing screens during winter may also help.

Window Screen Replacements for as Little as $35

The first line of defense against window screen burn is regular window cleanings. Shine recommends complete exterior window cleaning at least twice a year. Not only can this process help to remove oxidation buildup before glass damage occurs, your window care professionals will inspect your window screens and frames for signs of oxidation.

When oxidation is discovered early, getting new screens can be an easy fix! Our Shine team can easily replace oxidized metal with durable nylon mesh for as little as $35 per screen.

Shine window care professionals will alert you to any signs of oxidation discovered during a routine window cleaning and discuss screen replacement options with you. If you suspect oxidation is occurring between visits, call your local Shine office and we'll be happy to check the issue out and replace your screen mesh.

Shine Acid Treatment Cleaning to Remove Oxidation

If you've never had a professional window cleaning or recently moved into an older home with signs of window screen burn, you could require a more intensive fix. Shine may be able to remove oxidation and restore window quality through a specialized acid treatment process. This service requires different chemicals than used in regular window cleaning and may not work on all windows if oxidation has heavily etched the glass. The Shine team can evaluate your situation and provide feedback on possible options.

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When it comes to any kind of glass damage, including screen burn, it's essential to call a professional. Attempting a DIY fix with household cleaners can create additional damage and create glass etching where there wasn't any before.

If you suspect oxidation damage on your screens or windows, give us a call or simply click below to schedule a free consultation.

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