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Fast, Efficient Window Cleaning Services

Throughout the year, the windows of your home or business take a bad beating from the weather, window, pollution, and just normal wear and tear. If you have noticed that they are starting to look lackluster, then it is time to get Shine of OKC Metro on the phone. Our highly trained team of OKC window washing specialists have the industry experience and tools required to quickly handle any sized window cleaning project — and always at a competitive price.

Popular services offered by our window washing team are:

  • Exterior cleaning services
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Pressure washing and pavement stain removal
  • Window and screen cleaning

Window washing is not all we do, though. You can also count on us for professional cleaning services for your home’s mirrors, ceiling fans, light fixtures, and exterior coach lights. By the time we are done, we know your property is going to sparkle, and that you are going to smile!

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Convenient Window Washing Services

Probably the biggest obstacle between you and pristine windows on your home is the time it takes out of your day to get it done right. Either that, or the fact that you might need a real tall ladder and a helper to hold it while you scrub top-story windows. Shine of OKC Metro lets you get all the windows on your home, no matter its size, looking shining and wonderful for your family and welcome guests. Our OKC Metro window cleaning specialists take real pride in a job well done, and we know you will see it in the work they complete for you.

We love hearing from new and returning customers. Call us at (405) 351-6359 to schedule a window washing service.

Get Ready To Shine

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