New Construction

New Construction Window Cleaning

The Final Touch for Residential Remodeling & New Builds

Let’s face it: Construction is messy. While everything in the space may be brand new, dust and debris have a tendency to settle on every surface. Our window cleaning specialists at Shine® are trusted by reputable builders, contractors, and construction companies throughout the area to make sure windows, mirrors, and other glass surfaces are spotless and ready for the big reveal.

Glass surfaces of all types will sparkle, including:

  • Perimeter glass

  • Cupboard glass

  • Interior transoms

  • French doors

  • Mirrors

  • Interior windows

  • Exterior windows

At Shine®, we pride ourselves on complete customer satisfaction, whether that customer owns the windows or just finished installing them. We’ll arrive promptly; take great care to protect floors, walls, and other surfaces; and leave glass surfaces, edges, and frames free of streaks or spots.

Our professional cleaning methods include hand-scrubbing and squeegeeing each window, as well as towel-drying edges and frames. For larger buildings, we also utilize a water-fed pole system. All of our services incorporate careful attention to detail and safety practices for the ultimate professional window cleaning experience.

The choice is clear: Call Shine® at (833) 768-7515 to schedule window cleaning for residential new construction and remodeling projects!

Hear From Our Customers

  • "The magic of the window is not in itself but in the view it shows outside!" Mehmet Murat dan"

    - Mary Rozotto

  • "Fabulous job for reasonable price! Fantastic customer service!"

    - Tammy F.

  • "We highly recommend Shine!"

    - Liz M

  • "A job well done!!"

    - Jeannie & Larry

  • "175.00"

    - Anonymous

  • "Professional services and very responsive!"

    - F.M

  • "They did a great job and were very pleasant to work with."

    - Tammy L.