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Best Ways to Light Up Your Home for Halloween

Best Ways to Light Up Your Home for Halloween

Best Ways to Light Up Your Home for Halloween

Christmas tends to be people’s go-to thought when they hear the words “holiday lighting.” However, Halloween is another fantastic holiday that people would do well not to forget since it provides homeowners with a fantastic opportunity to show off their spooktacular sense of style while attracting the attention of eager trick-or-treaters. But what is the best way to light up your home for Halloween, besides just relying on the experts at Shine to ensure your house is lit up in a stunning array of oranges, purples, and greens? Please continue reading to learn about some top-quality outdoor Halloween decorating ideas you need to try out for yourself this year. And if you’d like to spruce up your Austen or Dallas home a little more before the holidays arrive, be sure to check out Shine’s range of other stellar services, including window cleaning, pressure washing, gutter cleaning, and more.

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Have Fun With Fog

There’s no better way to add a dash of creepy ambiance to your home than combining your Halloween lighting with a bit of spooky fog. A fog machine will fill the air with a whitish mist that will enhance the shadows around your home and make your holiday lighting stand out from among the gloom. But that’s far from the only way you can incorporate a fog machine in your home’s outdoor decor this Halloween! Combining the fog with lights that steadily move or flash can also give the impression of spirits moving around your property. And the fog machine itself can be easily stored behind some fake graves to create the image of a haunted cemetery on your front lawn. Accentuating the fog with red and green lighting can also work well at giving the impression of blood or by making your yard look radioactive.

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Use Real or Fake Flames to Turn Up the Heat

A talented Shine employee stringing up Halloween lighting around a client’s tree.

ALT: A talented Shine employee stringing up Halloween lighting around a client’s tree.

Fake and real flames are yet another stellar way to add some creepy ambiance to your home this Halloween, along with stellar, professionally installed lighting proudly done by the experts at Shine. You can easily incorporate real fire into your jack o’lanterns in the form of lit candles- just make sure to set all of them up correctly and in a safe space- or invest in some cool fake-fire decorations designed to look like old burning lamps and torches. Flickering orange, green, or multicolored flames are great for deepening shadows and providing your home with a slightly dungeon-like feel that’s perfect for Halloween. Again, please make sure all of your decorations are set up safely and in a secure manner, especially if you’re leaning towards a real fire.

Whether you’re prepping your Austen or Dallas house for a spooktacular Halloween party or just want to get ahead on your fantastic Christmas lighting plans, Shine is here to help! Check out their range of expert services today to learn how they can help get your home ready for the upcoming holidays.

Strobes are the Way to Go

Strobe lights are a great way to add another sprinkle of scary flair to your home around Halloween, especially if you choose to pair it with a fog machine. Just remember not to overdo it with your strobe lights since it can make your home look more gimmicky than scary. Going overboard with strobes can also trigger headaches and nausea, which is not something anyone wants to deal with, especially little kids preparing to stuff themselves full of their hard-earned Halloween candy. Instead, try to trigger a sense of confusion or suggest movement with your strobe lights by setting them to flicker and flash at slower, more random intervals. Doing so will also help reduce the potential risk of the strobe lights accidentally triggering an epileptic response in someone who may be more prone to seizures.

You Can’t Have Halloween Without Shadows

Shadows are one of the most basic yet instrumental components of making your home look Halloween-ready. Whether you’re planning to do your scary Halloween lighting yourself or will be calling in the experts from Shine, consider having the lights set up low to the ground while angling them slightly upwards. Doing so will create the appearance of long, deformed shadows when anything walks in front of them. It’s a trick that’s sure to make passers-by stop and do a double-take at your home, especially if you choose to go the extra mile by incorporating some more specific shadow effects by painting or partially covering the lenses. You can also easily position cut-outs or other figures in front of the lights to give the shadows more specific, unnerving shapes.

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Keep Color in Mind This Halloween

A dedicated Shine employee hanging up orange and purple Halloween lights around a satisfied client’s house.

ALT: A dedicated Shine employee hanging up orange and purple Halloween lights around a satisfied client’s house.

The final- though certainly not the least important- factor to consider for your outdoor Halloween decorating ideas is color. Color is just as crucial for Halloween decorations as it is for Christmas, so you’re going to need to choose wisely and only make use of the ones that will give your home the sense of spooky Halloween style you’re looking for. Black lights, for example, are a Halloween classic that can provide your home with a wide array of appeal, whether you’re looking for a scary vibe or a more silly one. Dark blue-black lights are especially great for adding a mystical feeling to your home since movie makers often use them to emulate dark interior scenes and creepy midnight walks where a monster slowly follows behind you in the shadows. Even just switching out your regular porch light for a dark blue or purple bulb can be a great way to give your home the perfect lighting for a haunted house or a graveyard display.

Are you scrambling for the best way to get your home looking holiday-ready in time for Halloween this year? Whether you’d like to turn your home into the ultimate makeshift haunted house or just want to add some quality lighting to attract the attention of trick-or-treaters, the experts have Shine have your home covered.
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